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Zombie Teenz

Zombie Teenz

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Zombies are wreaking havoc! Can you find the antidote before it is too late? Packed full with missions and mystery envelopes, Zombie Teenz Evolution will evolve and change right before your eyes.

What’s in the box?

  • One town board
  • Four hero tokens
  • Four zombie horde tokens
  • Overrun building tiles
  • Four ingredient crates
  • One white die
  • One completely black die
  • Six event cards
  • 10 evolution envelopes
  • Four accomplishment envelopes
  • 11 plastic supports
  • One sticker sheet

How to play:

Zombie Teenz Evolution is a co-operative game: all players win (or lose!) together against the zombies. To win, you must bring the four ingredient crates to the school before the zombies overrun the four buildings in the town.

Play in turn, in a clockwise direction. On your turn, perform the following phases, in this order:

  • Zombie Activation – At the beginning of your turn, roll the white die. If it lands on a “?”, draw an event card and apply its effects. If the die lands on a coloured side, place the zombie horde of that colour on the corresponding sewer space. If that zombie horde is already on the board, advance it one space, following the footprints.
  • Hero Actions – You can perform up to two of the following three actions, in the order of your choice: Move your hero to an adjacent space OR attack a zombie horde in the same space as your hero OR transfer an ingredient crate between your hero and a hero in an adjacent space.

You win if all four ingredient crates are in the school space. You lose if the four buildings are overrun…


Zombie Teenz Evolution is a standalone game, however it can be combined with Zombie Kidz Evolution for extra missions and gameplay options. The superchallenges are available to print and play here.

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