The Cleeve Bookshop

About the Cleeve Bookshop

The Cleeve Bookshop is located on Church Road in the heart of Bishop's Cleeve village, just north of Cheltenham. We sell a good range of books for children and adults, board games, jigsaws and other gifts. This website is a showcase for the whole of our in-store range.

We are proud of our independent bookseller status. By purchasing on our website, you support a local business to thrive and help us to continue to bring wider benefits to our local community, including author events, reading groups, children's events and our support for World Book Day, which sees us distribute one thousand free books to children each year.

About Will Williams, the owner of The Cleeve Bookshop

Will, the owner of the Cleeve Bookshop, loves science fiction, board games and jazz. You will find/hear all three of these things at the Cleeve Bookshop each and every day! 

Will possesses over 25 years experience in bookselling. Many years ago, he ran the Hammicks in Cheltenham's Regent Arcade, before opening their bookshop in Worcester. He has worked for Waterstones in London, Wales, and the Cotswolds, and as a Regional Manager for Blackwell's, looking after their academic bookshops.

Will has lived in Bishop's Cleeve for 7 years.
His love of books began with the science fiction and historical adventure books of my childhood, in particular the books of Isaac Asimov, Alexander Kent (Douglas Reeman), and E. E. Doc Smith to name but a few. Science Fiction remains his first love, but he enjoys literary contemporary fiction and children's fiction almost as much!  An engrossing novel remains the most immersive form of entertainment a human being can enjoy!


Tel: 07305 262842


Address: The Cleeve Bookshop, 2 Mill Parade, Church Road, Bishop's Cleeve, GL52 8RL