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Next Station London

Next Station London

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Calling all tube project managers!

The city of London has hired you to redesign the famous Underground lines. Optimise you interchanges, stop at as many tourist sites as you can, tunnel under the Thames. But make sure you are you are on track to meet the requirements of the city!

Who will be the best metro manager?

What’s in the box?

  • One pad with maps of London
  • Four different coloured pencils: purple, blue, pink and green
  • 11 station cards: Six street cards (blue) and five underground cards (pink and yellow)
  • Five shared objective cards
  • Four pencil power cards

 How to play

Score as many points as you can by optimsing the routes of the four underground lines on your map in London.

The game is played in four rounds. In each round you will carry out four phases.

  1. Identify your departure station
    1. Your starting station corresponds to the colour of the pencil you are using.
  2. Build your underground line
    1. This phase has several turns according to the station cards that are flipped over by the controller. On each turn draw a line to complete a section of their line with their coloured pencil – making sure they are following the construction rules. (don’t forget special stations)
    2. Once the controller turns over the fifth underground card, this signals the end of the round.
  3. Score points to your line
    1. Each underground line scores you points based on; the route it takes, how many times it crosses under the Thames, and the tourist sites it stops at.
  4. Get ready to build the next line
    1. You will now trade pencil colours. Pass your pencil to the left. Then play the new round with the new colour.

The game ends after the fourth round, when all players have drawn their network. Add together the points scored, the most points wins!

Once you have played a few times, you can move onto the advanced module that has more gaming options and tougher challenges.


You can play Next Station London in solo mode!

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