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'My Favourite Mistake' by Marian Keyes - Signed Edition

'My Favourite Mistake' by Marian Keyes - Signed Edition

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Signed First Edition - Hardback

Anna has just lost her taste for the Big Apple…

She has a life to envy. An apartment in New York. A well-meaning (too well-meaning?) partner. And a high-flying job in beauty PR. Who wouldn’t want all that?
Anna, it turns out.

Trading a minor midlife crisis for a major life event, she switches the skyscrapers of Manhattan for the tiny Irish town of Maumtully (population 1,217), helping old friends Brigit and Colm set up a luxury coastal retreat.

Tougher than it sounds. Newflash: the locals hate the idea. So much so, there have been threats – and violence.

Anna, however, worked in the beauty industry. There’s no ugliness she hasn’t seen. No wrinkle she can’t smooth over.

There’s just one fly in the ointment – old flame Joey Armstrong.
He’s going to be her wingman.
Never mind their chequered history. Never mind what might have been.

Because no matter how far you go, your mistakes will still be waiting for you . . .

Praise for Marian Keyes
'Sensitive, funny, wonderful, immensely touching' Nigella Lawson
'Delightfully funny' Daily Telegraph
'Funny, tender, completely absorbing!' Graham Norton
'An entertaining, growingly poignant contemporary tale' Sunday Times
'Funny, heartbreaking, achingly real' Jane Fallon
'Beautifully written, funny, heartbreaking and always wise - a proper treat' Daily Mail

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