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'Meet Ella' by James Middleton - Signed Edition - Pub. September 26th

'Meet Ella' by James Middleton - Signed Edition - Pub. September 26th

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Signed First Edition - Hardback

The most unexpectedly touching book you will read this year. Meet Ella is the tender and at times devastating account of how James Middleton's unbreakable bond with his dog, Ella, helped pull him out of his battle with depression.

James Middleton wanted nothing more than a dog of his own when he was a child.
Struggling to connect in the classroom, James would often take off in pursuit of nature
and animals - adventuring in the Berkshire countryside, tinkering with rusty engines,
performing locum care to injured creatures, and losing himself for hours to the outdoors.

Then, finally, his pleas for a dog (made via handwritten letters to his parents) were

Meet Ella traces the extraordinary bond between James and his beloved first pup, Ella.
From their enchanting introduction when James was just twenty, to attending royal
weddings and being guests at Highgrove and Sandringham, their journey is marked by
love, loyalty, and unexpected twists of fate. Ella, the well-mannered and kind-natured
companion, accompanied James everywhere, even playing a pivotal role in introducing
him to his future wife, Alizee.

But beyond the glamorous veneer of society engagements and entrepreneurial
achievements lies a deeply personal account of James' battle with clinical depression.
Through unconditional love, Ella emerges as an intuitive friend, reading James' moods and offering solace during his darkest hours, becoming the catalyst for his healing journey, and helping him to see all the good in his life and future.

Touching, honest and life affirming, Meet Ella is both devastating and wonderfully heart warming. A love letter to man's best friend, and a beacon of hope to anyone struggling
through hard times.

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