'Lightning Can Strike Twice' by Tommy Fury - Signed Edition - Pub. October 10th

'Lightning Can Strike Twice' by Tommy Fury - Signed Edition - Pub. October 10th

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Signed First Edition - Hardback

The first book from professional boxer and social media star, Tommy Fury,
revealing what life is like juggling his many identities: boxing champion, TV
star, mental health advocate, fiancé and father.

When Tommy Fury realised as a young boy that he wanted to become a boxer, the odds
were stacked against him. His father was sent to prison when Tommy was only nine,
casting his family life into chaos. He couldn't afford a bus ticket to the gym to train, so
he'd have to walk three hours instead. When he got there, everyone wanted to fight him -guys much older than him and twice his size - to say they could beat a Fury.
In Lightning Can Strike Twice, Tommy Fury opens up about his incredible story - defying
pressure and triumphing regardless of the weight of expectation on his shoulders - and
the many sides to his life. He shares unfiltered stories about his experience on Love
Island, candid insight into his life at home with Molly-Mae and their daughter Bambi, and a
glimpse behind the scenes of what life is like as part of the UK's most popular family -
including never-before-seen personal photos.

Tommy Fury wasn't supposed to succeed. How could another champion come out of the
family that had already produced Tyson Fury? In this open, honest memoir, Tommy
shows that lightning can strike twice and that there's more to being a Fury than knowing
how to fight.

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