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'Leap' by Hilarie Owen - Signed Edition - Publishes Jan 28th

'Leap' by Hilarie Owen - Signed Edition - Publishes Jan 28th

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This decade is a time of complexity, anxiety and uncertainty as the world becomes more interconnected and unpredictable. The big lesson we have learned this century so far is that certainty is an illusion. We are also seeing organisations and structures failing as they were built for another era. Yet we continue to try and just carry on rather than address the big challenges we face.

In this ground- breaking book Hilarie Owen shows how we can follow a path to become the leaders we need, face the big challenges and work to resolve them.

‘We need more thinkers like Hilarie Owen, prepared to challenge the status quo and look for alternative solutions to fix our broken world.  Short termism and party-power will never move us forward in a way that safeguards the world we live in for future generations to prosper. Are we bold enough? Can we set aside self-interest? These are important questions that Owen explores.’ Felicity Read, Communications Director NGO Mary’s Meals

'Planet, humanity and leadership are all addressed in this compelling insight which guides the reader from the past to the possibility of a transformed world which will provide a liveable future for all.’ Felicity Parnham, CK Futures

‘This insightful and informative book holds up a mirror urging us all to challenge our own motives and actions. It offers new thinking and a new hope to harness our incredible capability, aptitude and wisdom to change what we see in the mirror for the good of all.’ Nigel Gazzard, CEO BrisDoc Healthcare Services

‘Challenging both those nearly paralyzed by converging global climate, economic and political crises and those who profitably carry on business as usual, best-selling author Hilarie Owen presents a compelling call to rethink free market capitalism and build systems that sustain people, businesses, and communities.’ Psychologist Dr Tracey Manning

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