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'Golf is Hard' by Andrew 'Beef' Johnson - Signed Edition - Pub June 6th

'Golf is Hard' by Andrew 'Beef' Johnson - Signed Edition - Pub June 6th

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Signed First Edition - Hardback

One of golf’s most popular, funny, and recognisable personalities, reveals the ups and downs of a life playing one of the world’s most infuriating (and addictive) sports.

PGA Professional golfer, Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston has played in the world’s biggest tournaments, won big money events, sunk monster putts, holed-out from the fairway, and has been serenaded by fans everywhere he plays booming out his nickname ‘BEEEEEEEEF’. On the downside, Beef has also duffed it, thinned it, fatted it and shanked it like every single person who’s ever played the game. Because no matter who you are, golf can make you look like an idiot…

From recalling his early years playing at his local pitch and putts, to his stellar career on the PGA Tour, Golf is Hard, takes you inside the game like no book on golf has ever done before, sharing hilarious and insightful stories of life behind the scenes on tour. What’s Tiger Woods really like in the locker room? How did it feel to hit one of the worst shots in golf history during the British Open? And just how many clubs has Beef broken through fits of rage and frustration during his illustrious career?

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