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'Earth to Moon' by Moon Unit Zappa - Signed First Edition

'Earth to Moon' by Moon Unit Zappa - Signed First Edition

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Signed First Edition - Hardback - Publishes August 22nd

A wildly creative, honest and funny account of an LA childhood growing up as the first daughter in the wildly unconventional and dysfunctional Zappa family.

The saying goes that "God only gives you what you can handle." Well God didn't grow up
in my atheist, Wiccan, fame-laden, oversexed, teetotalling, drug-free, cloistered, chaotic,
non-communicative, workaholic, feral-feeling house.'

For Moon Unit, daughter of musician Frank Zappa and his 'manager', Gail, processing a
life so unique, so punctuated by the whims of creative urges, the tastes of popular culture
and the calculus of celebrity, has at times been eviscerating. But it is her deep sense of
humour and unshakeable humility that keeps her - and this memoir - pinned to the

A child-star at age 14 after her accidental international hit single (recorded with her
father), 'Valley Girl', turned her into a reluctant celebrity, Moon Unit Zappa's life has been
utterly extraordinary from her birth in 1967 into a family that was already blessed/cursed
as music royalty thanks to the acknowledged genius of Frank. But what are the
consequences of growing up in a family who spend most of their time naked arguing
about sexual/extra-marital liaisons and practising white magic in a free-for-all state of
nonconformist, virtuoso abandon?

Earth to Moon is a reckoning with self-esteem, the ghosts of the past and a mother and a father who, in the process of leaving their mark upon on the world, scarred their first
daughter on home soil. Brutally self-deprecating and funny as hell, it belies a rose-tinted
perspective on the 70s and 80s wes

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