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Life Lessons From Historical Women - Signed Bookplate Edition

Life Lessons From Historical Women - Signed Bookplate Edition

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by Morton, Eleanor | History
Published 15/08/2024 by Octopus Publishing Group (RADAR) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 288 pages
222 x 138mm | 0g

  • First Edition
  • Ships with a Signed Bookplate
  • Hardback
  • Publishes August 15th

Take a tour of the past and uncover stories of the women whose lives and achievements have shaped our modern world. In Life Lessons from Historical Women, Eleanor Morton celebrates the ordinary women whose decisions and accomplishments in their everyday lives resonate with us today.

Taking inspiration from the thriving self-help genre, Morton reasons that the greatest lessons can be taken from the female forebears who have come before - women whose actions inspire purpose, creativity and rebellion... without a side of pseudo psychology and judgement...

Covering the full gamut of the female experience, and women from all corners of history and the globe, Life Lessons from Historical Women includes chapters on 'How To Thrive' with Judith Kerr, 'Think Like an Entrepreneur' with Mary Seacole, and 'How Not to Give a Fuck' with the famous suffragette martyr Emily Davison.

Whether it's what we can learn from the first woman to summit Everest or the trailblazing ladies who confirm that pockets have always been must-have in women's clothing, Eleanor writes with humour and a sincere respect for our history, and imparts valuable lessons for the modern female.

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