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War Diary of the Ukrainian Resistance

War Diary of the Ukrainian Resistance

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by The Kyiv Independent | Ukraine
Published 23/02/2023 by The History Press Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback |
157 x 233 x 33mm | 584g

'We must reveal the truth - it's our duty. The world must know what is going on here ... We have to carry on reporting. This is what keeps me going: reporting so that the world will never forget.' - Asami Terajima, reporter for The Kyiv IndependentHow does a newsroom, made up of young journalists, find itself in a war zone overnight? How do you do your job as a correspondent when the conflict is literally on your doorstep?One member of The Kyiv Independent's young editorial staff was covering the business world in Ukraine, another was reporting on entertainment, while a third was dealing with geopolitics, when the Russian army crossed the border. They made the choice to stay: to face head-on the uncertainty of living and working in an active war zone. The power cuts, threat to life, trips to shelters, lethal attacks - despite it all, they keep informing.

In War Diary of the Ukrainian Resistance, they share their work on the war that is ravaging their country. Combining articles published during the conflict with personal accounts, they give us an unprecedented inside look at the reality of the Russian invasion and its consequences. Everyone has a part to play in the resistance; reporting the truth is theirs. Their names are Alexander, Anastasiia, Anna, Artur, Asami, Daria, Daryna, Dinara, Francis, Igor, Illia, Iryna, Kostyantyn, Liza, Natalia, Oleg, Oleksiy, Olena, Olga, Thaisa, Toma, Veronika and Zakhar. Their lives will never be the same again. Nor will ours.

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