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Gigantosaurus - The Big Mean Green

Gigantosaurus - The Big Mean Green

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by Cyber Group Studios, Cyber Group Studios | Interest age: from c 3 years
Published 07/07/2022 by TEMPLAR PUBLISHING in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 32 pages
253 x 268 x 8mm | 210g

Another roar-some adventure with our favourite four dinos based on the Gigantosaurus TV series and characters by Jonny Duddle. When Termy is found stuck up a tree, the dinos in Cretacia think there can only be ONE dino responsible . . . GIGANTO! But Bill, Mazu, Tiny and Rocky aren't so sure. With no time to lose, the four friends set out on a quest to find out the truth. Will the friends solve the mystery before it's too late? Was there a simple explanation all along?Join them in the latest episode and read the story to find out! Discover more of this international, bestselling series in The Story of Gigantosaurus, Dinos to the Rescue, Saving Ayati, The Groundwobbler and Don't Cave In.

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