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Little Life Cycles: Bug

Little Life Cycles: Bug

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by Li, Maggie, Li, Maggie | Children's, young adult & educational
Published 16/02/2023 by TEMPLAR PUBLISHING in the United Kingdom as part of the little life cycles series
Board Book | 26 pages
180 x 180 x 17mm | 340g

From a small, wiggly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, join Bug on this wonderful journey. Follow the peep-through holes on every page to discover each stage of growing into a butterfly.

Tiny Bug is hungry and munches through everything - from leaves and lily pads to grassy meadows and apples. At last, Bug is full and VERY tired. After a busy time of change, Bug emerges as a beautiful Butterfly! Now Butterfly must leave little eggs to start the cycle again with more hungry caterpillars.

This beautifully illustrated book from the talented Maggie Li is the perfect introduction to life cycles for little readers - and its tactile pages and size are ideal for small hands!Collect the rest of the Little Life Cyles series with Pip, Drip and Frog.

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