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Mindful Walking : The Secret Language of Nature

Mindful Walking : The Secret Language of Nature

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by Peck, Alice (Riverside Literary Agency) | Health & personal development
Published 08/02/2022 by Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd (CICO Books) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 144 pages, 50 col photographs and artworks
122 x 160 x 27mm | 238g

Discover the joy - and health benefits - of walking and seeing the natural world.

In this delightful guide, Alice Peck explains how, rather than simply providing a way of getting from one place to another, the simple practice of walking can have huge benefits for us, both physically and mentally, from ageing more slowly to sparking creativity. When we walk mindfully, we can reconnect with our body and the earth beneath our feet and discover a sense of calm. Walking outside also offers us a chance to be in nature, which improves our health and wellbeing, evokes awe and nurtures our soul. With inspiration for ways to walk, including forest-bathing (strolling through trees and wooded areas), earthing (walking barefoot in the mud), embracing friluftsliv - the Norwegian philosophy of enjoying the outdoors, and even a trip round the block, as well as easy meditations to try, Mindful Walking will soon get you on your feet and out of the house to enjoy the healing effects of taking a walk.

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