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A Winter War

A Winter War

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by Leach, Tim | Fiction & related items
Published 12/05/2022 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book) in the United Kingdom as part of The Sarmatian Trilogy series
Paperback | 384 pages
198 x 129 x 26mm | 266g

SHORTLISTED FOR THE HISTORICAL WRITERS' ASSOCIATION GOLD CROWN AWARD 2022. A disgraced warrior must navigate a course between honour and shame, his people and the Roman Empire, in the first of a trilogy set in the second century AD from the author of Smile of the Wolf.

AD173. The Danube has frozen. On its far banks gather the clans of Sarmatia. Winter-starved, life ebbing away on a barren plain of ice and snow, to survive they must cross the river's frozen waters.

There's just one thing in their way. Across the ice lies the Roman Empire, and deployed in front of them, one of its legions.

The Sarmatians are proud, cast as if from the ice itself. After decades of warfare they are the only tribe still fighting the Romans. They have broken legions in battle before. They will do so again.

They charge...

Sarmatian warrior Kai awakes on a bloodied battlefield, his only company the dead. The disgrace of his defeat compounded by his survival, Kai must now navigate a course between honour and shame, his people and the Empire, for Rome hasn't finished with Kai or the Sarmatians yet.

Reviews for Tim Leach:'Roman military adventure at its best. Ranks with the best historical fiction available today.' Simon Turney 'The characters feel rounded and real, and the Sarmatians' attempts to keep their world alive are heartbreaking.' The Times 'Tim Leach writes beautifully. Lyrical and thoughtful.' For Winter Nights 'Recommended.' Historical Novel Society 'Magnificent.' Historia 'A poetic, absorbing narrative.' Sunday Times 'Brilliantly atmospheric, utterly compelling and beautifully written.' Caroline Lea 'The storytelling is rich with imagery. It deserves huge success.' David Gilman

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