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The Escape : A story of 103 missing monkeys

The Escape : A story of 103 missing monkeys

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by Abadia, Ximo | Children's, young adult & educational
Published 03/08/2023 by TEMPLAR PUBLISHING in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 32 pages
250 x 247 x 4mm | 180g

Did someone see a monkey in the swimming pool?Or a monkey drinking a cup of tea?That can't be monkey driving a bus, CAN IT?When 103 monkeys escape from the zoo and go on a mischief-filled adventure in the city, no one seems to see a thing. Can you find the cheeky chimps hiding in the busy scenes?In this bold and clever counting adventure, look closely to find all of the missing monkeys. It gets trickier, as the number of monkeys to spot on each page keeps getting bigger. At the end of the book, go back and make sure you've counted them all!With high-contrast black, white and red illustrations, this stylish picture book is perfect to engage young readers aged 3 to 5 years who are getting to grips with counting to 100 (and just over!)The Escape is another delightfully fun picture book from the highly acclaimed Spanish illustrator Ximo Abadia (Toto, 2018 and I Can't Sleep, 2020).

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