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Depraved New World : Please Hold, the Government Will Be With You Shortly

Depraved New World : Please Hold, the Government Will Be With You Shortly

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by Crace, John | Unclassified
Published 02/11/2023 by Guardian Faber Publishing in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 352 pages
222 x 142 x 30mm | 450g

From bestselling author John Crace comes a blisteringly hilarious tour through the whirlwind of post-Brexit Britain, from the ousting of Boris to the dawn of a new era . . . sort of. O brave new world, that has such people in't. Or not. William Shakespeare clearly had never imagined a clusterf*ck on this scale. Given the state of the country right now, he would be in need of a long lie down.

Another month, another prime minister - how many have we been through now? But fear not: despite all the nonsense that has spewed forth from Westminster over the past two years, John Crace's brilliantly lacerating political sketches have provided the nation with some desperately needed relief.

Taking in everything from Partygate, BoJo's drawn-out farewell and the disastrous reign of Liz Truss, to thepsychodrama of the Tory leadership contest(s), the return of Rishi Sunak and the shenanigans of his impressively inept colleagues, Depraved New World is a worryingly funny collection which captures British politics at its most absurd.

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