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All the Colours of the Dark - Signed First Edition B+ condition

All the Colours of the Dark - Signed First Edition B+ condition

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by Whitaker, Chris | Thriller / suspense
Published 16/07/2024 by Orion Publishing Co (Orion) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 592 pages
240 x 156mm | 41g

Signed First Edition - Hardback Please note remaining stock has slight imprefections to dust jacket and boards - price reduced.

A missing persons mystery, a serial killer thriller, and an epic love story - with a unique twist on each...

Late one summer, the town of Monta Clare is shattered by the abduction of local teenager Joseph 'Patch' Macauley. Nobody more so than Saint Brown, who is broken by her best friend's disappearance. Soon, she will eat, sleep, breathe, only to find him.

But when she does: it will break her heart.

Patch lies in a pitch-black room - all alone - for days or maybe weeks. Until he feels a hand in his. Her name is Grace and, though they cannot see each other, she takes him from the darkness and paints their world with her words. In this hopeless place, they fall in love.

But when he escapes: there is no sign she ever even existed.

To find her again, Patch charts an epic search across the country. And, to set him free, Saint will shadow his journey: on a darker path to hunt down the man who took them.

Even if finding the truth means losing each other forever...


'Impeccably crafted, deeply emotional, entirely shattering. I was captivated from page one.'BONNIE GARMUS, author of LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY

'Chris Whitaker's latest novel is a book to lose yourself in... this sprawling crime novel transcends its genre to become something epic in scope, haunting and ultimately deeply moving. A huge achievement.' ALEX MICHAELIDES, author of THE SILENT PATIENT 

'ALL THE COLOURS OF THE DARK is epic in every sense of the word: time, scope, skill, and love. It's a crime novel with a huge beating heart and some of the best characters I've ever passed my time with.'ABIGAIL DEAN, author of GIRL A'Taut, beguiling , and suspenseful, ALL THE COLOURS OF THE DARK reveals the depth of a town's loss when a young boy goes missing' NITA PROSE, author of THE MAID 'Engrossing, heart-breaking and uplifting in equal measure - I've never read anything quite like it. This book will stay with you for a very long time.'LUCY FOLEY, author of THE PARIS APARTMENT'This book hits like a sledgehammer. Equal parts harrowing and triumphant, Chris Whitaker's novel is a haunting story of America, alternating between its twin strands of violence and love. I couldn't put it down, and will always remember that 13 year old pirate, Patch, and that brilliant little beekeeper, Saint. An absolutely must-read novel.'GILLIAN FLYNN, author of GONE GIRL

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