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Pokemon: Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook

Pokemon: Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook

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by Scholastic | Children's, young adult & educational
Published 05/08/2021 by Scholastic US in the United States as part of the Pokemon series
Paperback | 560 pages
153 x 228 x 28mm | 872g

The brand new edition of the bestselling Super Deluxe

Essential Handbook is here - and it includes all-new Pokemon!

With 560 colour pages and info on over 900 Pokemon,

this is a must-have for kids of all ages.

If you want to catch 'em all, you gotta read about 'em all!

This revised and updated edition of the mega-bestselling Essential

Handbook and Super Deluxe Essential

Handbook has all the stats and facts kids need to know about

the world of Pokemon. Essential information on over 900

Pokemon is jam-packed into 560 illustrated, full-colour


The handbook is easy to read and organised simply and effectively

into one comprehensive, kid-friendly reference book. This updated

edition features tons of extra pages devoted to the newest Pokemon

from the Sword and Shield video games. It

is an absolute must-have for Pokemon Trainers of all ages.

Features stats and facts from Pokemon from the eight known


Full-colour illustations throughout.

Perfect for old and new fans.

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