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Death in the Cotswolds : The captivating cosy crime series

Death in the Cotswolds : The captivating cosy crime series

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by Tope, Rebecca (Author) | Fiction & related items
Published 01/06/2016 by ALLISON & BUSBY in the United Kingdom as part of the Cotswold Mysteries series
Paperback | 320 pages
132 x 198 x 23mm | 228g

Thea Osborne is thanking her lucky stars. After two disastrous house-sitting incidents in which she unwittingly became embroiled in murder and mayhem, she is only too happy to have a bit of time to concentrate on her blossoming relationship with DI Phil Hollis. The couple has retreated to Phil's late aunt's cottage in Cold Aston, and other than the odd interruption from his childhood acquaintance, the eccentric Ariadne, they look forward to some peace and quiet.

But the bad luck that plagues the hapless Thea and her beloved spaniel Hepzibah is never far away. With autumn drawing in, preparations for Samhain, the pagan origin of Halloween, are well underway when Ariadne discovers a very tangible reminder of the season of death: a body laid out like a sacrificial victim on Notgrove Barrow. It soon becomes apparent that the cosy village has more than its share of secrets. But just how far will some go to keep them hidden?

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