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A Life Story: King Charles III

A Life Story: King Charles III

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by Morgan, Sally, Papworth, Sarah | United Kingdom, Great Britain
Published 13/04/2023 by Scholastic in the United Kingdom as part of the A Life Story series
Paperback | 192 pages
129 x 199 x 20mm | 200g

King Charles III: environmental activist, monarch and

head of the Commonwealth.

Read all about the life of King Charles III,

from his early days at boarding school and watching his mother become

queen to his dedicated work as an environmental activist

and becoming king himself, this book will take you

on a royal tour through King Charles III's life.

Celebrate the king's coronation and the beginning

of his reign with this book that shines a light on the wonderful

achievements that form King Charles III's legacy.

Did you know that Charles has a frog named after him? Or that

he's a qualified pilot and diver? How about that Charles is an accomplished

artist? Find out everything there is to know about Great

Britain's newest king with this remarkable history book.

A Life Story: With striking black and white illustrations,

this gripping series throws the reader directly into

the lives of modern society's most influential figures.

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