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The Elemental Detectives

The Elemental Detectives

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by Lawrence, Patrice | Children's, young adult & educational
Published 01/09/2022 by Scholastic in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 432 pages
129 x 198 x 29mm | 292g

A stunningly imagined, action-packed fantasy adventure

for fans of Nevermoor, Neverwhere and Mortal

Engines, from bestselling and award-winning author Patrice


'A beautifully written book, bristling with magic, set

in an ancient London filled with dragons, ghosts, water spirits,

and a mysterious, creeping sleeping-sickness that must be fought

by the brave young heroes. I loved it.' Cressida Cowell,

Children's Laureate & author of How to Train Your


Step into a London lit up by the Elemental spirits:

the fiery Dragons, the airy Fumis, the watery Chads and the

earthbound Magogs.

But humans have been causing chaos for centuries, trampling through

the landscape trailing noise, mess and pollution. What if the

Elements could slow down this new world... or stop it all together?

The revenge-fuelled Shepherdess, who moves between the everyday

and the supernatural London worlds, is the perfect weapon.

She brings a sleeping sickness down on the city with

the destruction of society in her sights.

Marisee and Robert are the Elemental Detectives chasing the clues

to avoid catastrophe: they must face the ghosts of Hyde Park,

the monstrous coiled snake of the Serpentine, and a whole host of

other fantastical creatures in their mission to

stop the Shepherdess and prevent London slumbering for all eternity...

Big, bold, future classic storytelling for a new generation.

A London where magic sparks just beneath the surface - this book

is set to ignite young imaginations.

The page-turning, empowering, heart-racing first book in a major

new series.


'I loved reading about a re-imagining of London with so much invention

and energy. The world-building is well...out of this world.

Patrice Lawrence is amongst the greatest voices for young people

writing today. I'm honoured to be a peer of hers.' -

Alex Wheatle, author of Cane Warriors

'BRILLIANT... history and fantasy woven magnificently into a thrilling,

magical adventure' - Sophie Anderson, author of

The House with the Chicken Legs

'A fantastic adventure, packed with rich world building and stunning

elemental magic.' - Peter Bunzl, author of Cogheart

'Wow - The Elemental Detectives is a cracking fantasy. Clever,

inventive, and pacy, with wonderfully drawn characters and a breathless

plot. I want to read more!' - Bali Rai, author of

Mohinder's War

'The Elemental Detectives is a rip roaring magical adventure...

Patrice Lawrence has done a marvellous job of building an imaginative

and creative mythology which lurks just under the city streets.'

Catherine Johnson, author of Freedom

'The Elemental Detectives is a richly imagined, inventive and

immersive fantasy adventure.' - L. Norry,

author of Son of the Circus

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