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Who Pooed in my Loo? (PB)

Who Pooed in my Loo? (PB)

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by Adams, Emma, Byrne, Mike | Children's, young adult & educational
Published 15/10/2020 by Scholastic in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 32 pages
275 x 250 x 4mm | 190g

With fun by the bag-load, if you love Wonky Donkey,

Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop or I Need a New

Bum, then you will love this book too!

Bestselling author Emma Adams and smash-hit illustrator Mike Byrne

join forces for the very first time - and the results are hilarious!

In the bathroom this morning, I looked in the loo,

and guess what I saw - yes that's right, it's a poo!

I couldn't believe it, I called for my mum,

'There's a gift in our toilet that's made by a bum!'

When a little boy finds a poo in his family

loo, he starts imagining who might

have left it there. Was it ...

a dragon?

A unicorn?

A dinosaur?!

With every idea more exciting than the next, he can't wait to

find the culprit. But who could it be?

The perfect book for all children who love to laugh.

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