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Still a Bit of Snap in the Celery : or K.B.O. *Keep Buggering On

Still a Bit of Snap in the Celery : or K.B.O. *Keep Buggering On

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by Berkmann, Marcus | Biography & True Stories
Published 02/11/2023 by Little, Brown Book Group (Abacus) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 224 pages
145 x 226 x 26mm | 376g

From the bestselling author of A Shed of One's Own, a very funny memoir about being 60.

Marcus Berkmann's funny, instantly recognisable description of middle-age in A Shed of One's Own struck a chord and turned it into a bestseller. Now he realises he has entered a new age category: the Young-Old.

Well, the body continues to provide challenges (every group meeting seems to begin the dreaded 'organ recital'), and the bank balance may not be doing too well either - but it's certainly not all doom and gloom. You have come to terms with your deficiencies and eccentricities (although your partner may not); your Fear of Missing Out has become Joy at Staying In; you have embraced the notion of the Power Nap - and though you're not going to embark on a course of 'mindfulness' you nevertheless recognise if living in the moment also includes walking to the local for a pint with an old friend then you'll sign up for it after all...

You could call it 'beerfulness'.

'Berkmann is a fine observer of decline. He says what other men would rather not think about, let alone discuss. Another ten years pottering around in his shed and he'll have cracked it' Sunday Times

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