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The Vanishing of Class 3B

The Vanishing of Class 3B

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by Kabler, Jackie | Fiction & related items
Published 11/05/2023 by HarperCollins Publishers (One More Chapter) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 384 pages
129 x 198 x 26mm | 256g

'An ingenious plot, a captivating cast of character, and twists and turns that kept me guessing to the last page, loved it!' Amanda Reynolds

From the bestselling author of The Perfect Couple, Am I Guilty?, The Happy Family and The Murder List, comes the most engrossing thriller of 2023.

One spring morning, a bus full of children and their teachers from a Cotswolds primary school head off on a much-anticipated day trip.

But as night falls and the well-heeled parents - one or two of them famous, as well as wealthy - wait at the school to collect their weary offspring, it soon becomes clear that something has gone very wrong.

The children and their teachers simply do not come back.

What's happened doesn't seem possible.

How can an entire class of children simply vanish?

Have you read a Jackie Kabler thriller yet? See why readers devour her writing...

'One of the best thrillers of the year'

'Suspenseful, full of tension and absolutely gripping'

'An absolute corker . . . totally engrossing and superbly written'

'I was totally captivated'

'An absolutely incredible thriller . . . must-read'

'A roller coaster of a read, so many twists and turns'

'Great suspense . . . a brilliant read'

'Will keep you on the edge of your seat'

'Phenomenal . . . truly remarkable and amazingly unpredictable'

'The concept is pure genius'

'Perfectly paced'

'This is prime for a TV adaptation'

'A great page turner with plenty of twists'

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