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The Change

The Change

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by Miller, Kirsten | Fiction & related items
Published 13/04/2023 by HarperCollins Publishers (HQ) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 480 pages
129 x 199 x 32mm | 324g

'A perfect contradiction, existing in the shades of grey that real life is so often painted in . . . A story that's as furious as it is tender' Emily Henry

'A roar of rage, a pacy page-turner, I loved it with all my broken heart. Read it. You'll love it' Marian Keyes

'A propulsive plot and characters that roar off the page, this is a novel that's unafraid to take on societal misogyny while being satirical and even funny at the same time' Guardian

'An addictive, fast-paced crime novel like nothing you've ever read before' Red magazine

* * *

Nessa: The Seeker

Jo: The Protector

Harriett: The Punisher

With newfound powers the time has come to take matters into their own hands...

Widowed Nessa lives alone in her house near the ocean. In the quiet hours, she hears voices belonging to the dead - who will only speak to her.

On the cusp of fifty Harriett's marriage and career imploded, but her life is far from over - in fact, she's undergone a stunning metamorphosis.

Jo spent years at war with her body. The rage that arrived with menopause felt like the last straw - until she discovers she's able to channel it.

Guided by voices only Nessa can hear, the trio discover the abandoned body of a teenage girl. The police have written off the victim. But the women have not. Their own investigations lead to more bodies, and a world of wealth where the rules don't apply - and the realisation that laws are designed to protect villains, not the vulnerable.

Now three women will avenge the innocent and punish the guilty. IT'S TIME.

* * *

Readers and authors are GRIPPED by The Change:

'A proper smash-the-patriarchy read with tension and a compelling plot to boot . . . Loved it' Harriet Tyce

'An exceptionally well-written, vivid, and powerful piece of work' Reader review,

'Powerful and original' Tammy Cohen

'STUNNING! Feminist writing at its absolute best. 10 stars' Reader review,

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