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How to Speak Whale : A Voyage into the Future of Animal Communication

How to Speak Whale : A Voyage into the Future of Animal Communication

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by Mustill, Tom | Mathematics & science
Published 15/09/2022 by HarperCollins Publishers (William Collins) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 288 pages
163 x 242 x 32mm | 504g

'A must-read' New Scientist

'Fascinating' Greta Thunberg

'Enthralling' George Monbiot

'Brilliant' Philip Hoare

As a biologist and nature filmmaker, Tom Mustill had always liked whales. But when one landed on his kayak, nearly killing him, the video clip of the event going viral, he became obsessed.

This book traces an extraordinary investigation into the deep ocean and today's cutting-edge science. Using 'underwater ears,' robotic fish, big data and machine intelligence, leading scientists and tech-entrepreneurs across the world are working to turn the fantasy of Dr Dolittle into a reality, upending much of what we know about these mysterious creatures. But what would it mean if we were to make contact? Can we hope to one day understand animals? Are we ready for what they might say?

Enormously original and hugely entertaining, How to Speak Whale is an unforgettable look at how close we truly are to communicating with another species - and how doing so might change our world beyond recognition.

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