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'The Giant on the Skyline' by Clover Stroud - Signed Edition

'The Giant on the Skyline' by Clover Stroud - Signed Edition

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Signed First Edition - Hardback

From the Sunday Times bestseller of The Red of my Blood comes an inspiring memoir about home, family, and belonging.

Stroud's best book yet: candid, primal, irresistibly intense.’ - Julie Myerson

'Full of personality, humour and heart … I did not want it to end.’ - Lily Dunn

'One of the books we're most looking forward to in 2024' - Good Housekeeping


What is it that makes a home? What is a home without the roots that tie you to a place? What is a home when a family is split?

Clover's eldest children are leaving home for university. Her husband Pete's work is in America.

The only way for Clover and the younger children to live with him is to uproot, leave their rural life near the ancient Ridgeway in Oxfordshire and move to Washington DC.

Forced to leave the home she loves, Clover sets out to explore the place where she lives, understand the history of her landscape, and work out why it is that it is so hard for her to go.

In this profound and moving memoir, Clover paints a beautifully layered portrait of family, community and of belonging in a landscape that has drawn people to it for generation after generation.


'I loved this…She writes with force, power, and a radical transparency. It's a gift.’ - Cal Flynn

'This incredibly special book will make you think of all the places and people you have ever called home.’ - Emma Gannon

'I’m blown away by Clover’s writing. So impressive, inspiring, fluid, honest and resonant.’ - James Aldred

A beautiful book, written in lyrical, liquid prose that seems to flow straight from the heart to the page.’ - Sophy Roberts

‘Few writers I know have this intense intimacy, or such an immediately engaging effect on a reader. It really is magic.’ - Lucy Atkins

‘Clover’s most profound and moving, and unquestionably her most soaringly beautiful…’ - Juliet Nicolson

Praise for Clover Stroud

'A fearless explorer of the human heart.' - Elizabeth Gilbert

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