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'Change Everything' by Natalie Bennett - Signed Bookplate Available - Pub. March 21st

'Change Everything' by Natalie Bennett - Signed Bookplate Available - Pub. March 21st

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Paperback Edition - Ships with a signed bookplate to insert on the title page

We are living in a social, political, economic and environmental emergency. The status quo is profoundly unstable; change is inevitable. Now is the time to get together to build a far healthier and more balanced world.

The decades-old political orthodoxy, that greed is good, inequality doesn’t matter and we can keep treating the planet as a mine and a dumping ground, has been a recipe for disaster. Our world needs a new vision, the Green vision. From Universal Basic Income to free education, from less stuff but more life, to genuine democratic opportunities for all, Natalie Bennett brings together a holistic, hopeful and practical vision for the future.

The foundations of Change Everything are conversations with many thousands of people. We need to engage millions to bring together the imagination, talents and energy of all to rebuild and repair our societies. Then a positive future is within our reach.

'Natalie Bennett is right. We have to change everything. But how? Sitting on our hands and hoping things will return to ‘normal’ is not an option . . . Natalie Bennett provides hope and inspiration by showing us how in a myriad of practical ways. If you want to "be the change you wish to see in this world", read this book' Christine Milne, former leader of the Australian Greens

'A brilliant and timely guide. Natalie Bennett is the real deal, practising the politics that she preaches. Change Everything is both a manual and a manifesto for the way to create a better world before it's too late. A must read for anyone who wants a way out of our current political quagmire' Jennifer Nadel, Compassion in Politics

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