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Flight Paths : How the mystery of bird migration was solved

Flight Paths : How the mystery of bird migration was solved

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by Heisman, Rebecca | Lifestyle, sport & leisure
Published 20/04/2023 by Swift Press in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 303 pages
143 x 224 x 29mm | 384g

How and why birds navigate the skies, travelling from continent to continent - flying thousands of miles across the earth each autumn and spring - has continually fascinated the human imagination, but only recently have we been able to fully understand these amazing journeys.

How did this revolution come about? Flight Paths is the never-before-told story of how an eccentric group of ornithologists, engineers and other pioneering scientists have harnessed nearly every technological development of the last hundred years to understand bird migration in detail - from where and when they take off, their flight paths and behaviours, their destinations and the challenges they face getting there.

In this fascinating and compelling story Rebecca Heisman uncovers the secret history of an ornithological arms race that not only helped solve the mystery of bird migration using radar, radioactive isotopes, satellites and the humble aluminium band but has also given us much needed insight into how best to protect and conserve the bird life we cherish.

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