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Warrior Girl Unearthed

Warrior Girl Unearthed

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by Boulley, Angeline | Children's, young adult & educational
Published 04/05/2023 by Oneworld Publications (Rock the Boat) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 400 pages
145 x 224 x 42mm | 510g

#1 New York Times bestselling author Angeline Boulley takes us back into the world of Firekeeper's Daughter in this high-stakes mystery about the power of discovering your stolen history.

SOMETIMES THE TRUTH SHOULDN'T STAY BURIEDPerry Firekeeper-Birch has always known who she is - the laid-back twin, the troublemaker, the best fisher on Sugar Island. Whilst her overachieving sister works away at an internship, Perry's holiday plans mostly involve doing absolutely nothing.

But her carefree summer is brought to an abrupt end when she meets 'Warrior Girl', a Native American ancestor whose stolen remains are being kept in the archives of a local university. Perry's rebellious spark becomes a righteous blaze and she vows to do whatever it takes to bring her home.

She calls on the help of a small group of friends and allies, including her twin sister and a charming new boy in town. But the plan is not without danger: indigenous women are disappearing at an alarming rate and when one of their group goes missing, it's down to Perry to make things right. Old rivalries, sibling secrets and botched heists cannot - will not - stop her from solving the mystery before the ancestors and missing women are lost forever.

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